About Drusus Tabor

We believe in the ineffable beauty and grace of hand-made things. In today’s digitized, mechanized world, true luxury resides in those things made in real time, by a real person, using real materials.

We are inspired by our heroes:  The Bloomsbury Group, The Omega Workshops, Barron and Larcher, Peggy Angus, Enid Marx, The Folly Cove Designers, The Tillets, and Vera Neumann.

Photo credit: Brandon Vargas

Photo credit: Brandon Vargas


Our pillows are hand printed on 100% linen using low-impact textile inks. Our inserts are 25 / 75% down and feather composition.  The designs are unique to Drusus Tabor.

process 1 original.jpg
print block.jpg

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